Why Losing Weight Shouldn’t be Your New Year’s Resolution

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Why Losing Weight Shouldn’t be Your New Year’s Resolution


The new year is here, and the buzz around everyone’s resolutions are in full swing. It’s no secret that most people make one of their yearly resolutions to get fit or lose weight, and while those are good measurable goals, they shouldn’t be the focus. Here are a few reasons why and some resolutions you can make instead.


You’re More Than Your Weight

A number on the scale cannot measure who you are as a person, how strong you are, your worth, your mental health, how much your friends and family care about you, or how well you nourish your body. Focusing a resolution on losing weight is like ignoring everything else that goes into living a fulfilling and healthy life. Instead of narrowing in on a number, think about the overarching goal and why you want that number to be lower.


Find a deeper meaning in why you want to lose weight. Is it to feel more confident? To feel stronger and more capable during strenuous activities? No matter what your reasoning, figure it out and then base your goal around that.


A Lower Number on the Scale Doesn’t Equate to Health

Scales only measure one thing—the relationship between your body and gravity. The typical scale people have in their bathroom doesn’t measure water weight, body fat, muscle mass, or bone mass. With a basic scale, there’s no way to know which one of those factors is causing your weight to go down, which can be detrimental in the long run.


Aside from that, a lower number on the scale doesn’t equate to health. Technically, you can lose weight eating just junk food, but that doesn’t make it healthy. A lower weight can’t provide any insight into your overall health, which should be your main goal.


Alternative Resolutions

Instead of focusing on weight loss this year, try to take a holistic approach to your health. Here are some resolutions to make this year instead of losing weight:


Develop a Growth Mindset

Look into developing a positive growth mindset throughout the year. Changing your way of thinking will help you set realistic expectations for your goals and ensure you’re always looking to improve your wellness and life overall.


Eat Healthier Meals

This year, find healthy cookbooks, recipe websites, or YouTube channels to change up your meals. Having a wide selection of healthy options to choose from will keep you from going out to eat and splurging on unhealthy food.


Get Stronger and Work on Cardiovascular Endurance

If you want to feel more confident in your body’s physical abilities and work toward continued health, develop muscle and build your cardiovascular endurance. Working out makes you feel more confident and offers your body numerous benefits.


At Cause and Effects Fitness, we can help you reach any of these goals in 2019. We would love to help you get your health on track this year so that you can live up to your potential.


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Why Losing Weight Shouldn’t be Your New Year’s Resolution

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