Group of teenagers slide downhill in wintertime
Winter is not a time of hibernation. We’re not bears.

It is important to stay active all year long. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of fun winter activities for you and your family to explore this season.
From roller skating to ballroom dancing, it’s easy to stay entertained all winter long.

  1. Race to your local roller rink
    Roller skating or blading is a great way to stay active and fit during the winter months. You can get out of the cold and into the fun by visiting a local rink, like Overlook  or The Castle.
  2. Try ice skating or ice hockey
    If you’d prefer something with more of a “winter feel,” why not try ice skating or playing ice hockey? It can be an excellent way to get your exercise while also having a good time. If you’re ready to get on the ice, check out the Lancaster Ice Rink or the Regency Ice Rink, two popular winter hangouts.
  3. Go sledding
    Instead of dreading the snow, why not go sledding when the white stuff hits? Head to the backyard if you have a good hill, or visit a local family-friendly park. Greider Park is a great local spot where you and your kids can enjoy not only the beauty of this season, but the excitement it brings to young ones and their families.
  4. Rock your skis, snowshoes or snowboard
    Ready to hear the wind in your ears and see everything fly by? Grab your skis or snowboard and hit up one of these attractions: Roundtop Mountain Resort or Bear Creek Mountain Resort. Another growing winter sport to consider is snowshoeing. You can do some recreational hiking at Lancaster County Central ParkChickies Rock County Park, or Speedwell Forge County Park.
  5. Roll over to the local bowling lanes
    If you prefer to spend your time indoors but are getting a little cabin fever, we’ve got a couple winter activities just for you. For one, visit your local bowling alley. The excitement builds as the lights go down at Rocky Springs Entertainment Center for glow bowling every Friday through Sunday night. If you’re looking for an exciting and modern spin on traditional bowling, that’s the place to go.
  6. Join the hunt in a game of laser tag
    Another exciting indoor activity is laser tag. Laser tag will keep you on your toes; you’ll be watching your back at every turn. Get in on some friendly fire at Laserdome, or for a more intense and strategic version of this already intense game, check out Landing Zone.
  7. Jump high at an indoor trampoline park
    Make your exercise enjoyable by jumping sky high on giant trampolines at Sky Zone. But there’s more than just trampolines at Sky Zone. Their out-of-this-world takes on basketball and ultimate dodgeball can’t not make for a good time. They also have a Foam Zone, an entire area of foam squares for you to jump, flip, or fall into.
  8. Put on your dancing shoes
    Go dancing! Get out and move your body at a nightclub such as Tellus 360 other venues. Get your cardio in while learning the twists and turns of swing dancing, ballroom dancing, and more. Arthur Murray offers lessons in everything from the cha-cha to country line dancing. Also, consider joining a dance club like Lancaster Swing Dance.
  9. Get competitive with indoor sports
    Of course, there’s always indoor sports to keep your muscles moving! Some local indoor spots are great to play dodgeball, pickleball, basketball, and more. If you’re looking for a good game of tennis, you can join a local club such as the Lancaster Country Club or Racquet Club West.

Staying active is easy when you have this many options to choose from. Say no to cabin fever and yes to fitness fun with these winter activities!

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