Top 10 Healthy Living Apps for Your Smartphone

We recently compiled a list of our favorite healthy living apps you can use almost anywhere. From monitoring your nutrition intake to adding upbeat music to your daily routine all from your mobile device, maintaining your health has never been easier.
  1. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker
    By: MyFitnessPal
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: Free (In-App Purchases Available) / Purchase Premium
    Purpose: With MyFitnessPal’s revolutionary dieting app, users can import recipes from online for easy access anywhere, whether you’re hanging out and cooking with friends or making dinner for your family. It also has a step tracking feature compatible with iPhone 5s, 6, and 6+.
    What We Love: With 6 million foods in its database, you’re bound to find what you’re having for dinner (or those snacks calling your name from the office vending machine) on this app. It’s so easy to monitor what you’re eating and how it may be impacting your health. It even remembers your favorites, so you don’t have to repeatedly search for the same items. Scan barcodes on your groceries to get nutrition info fast.The built-in step tracking feature is great for those who don’t want to carry around another tracker or take up more space on their devices by downloading a separate app.Users can connect and sync this app with popular devices and apps from their Fitbits to Apple Health. Even access it on your Apple Watch!
  2. Interval Timer
    By: Deltaworks
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: Free
    Purpose: Monitor your work and rest periods throughout your workouts with this free timer app.
    What We Love: We love to create personalized experiences, and that’s what makes this Coach Chad’s go-to timer app. Choose from a variety of timer sounds (so you can change it when you begin to dread that sound), enjoy your playlists, and set timers at your own pace. Even choose the speed of your intervals!*If you get PTSD from Coach Chad’s workout sessions, this may not be the app for you …
  3. Trainerize
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: Free to Trainerize Coach Participants
    Purpose: Keep track of your workout routines and meal plans created through collaboration with us at Cause and Effects Fitness. Users can also use the app to contact their personal trainer.
    What We Love: It helps reinforce the personal connections we have with our clients. We get to create and provide our clients with customized fitness plans…with pictures and videos! Do the workouts at home in between your sessions at the Un-Gym and check out your meal plans on the go.Even take before/during/after pictures to visually track your progress in addition to progress statistics.Also, set up push notifications to remind you of your next session with Coach Chad.
  4. Mealime
    By: Mealime Meal Plans Inc
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: Free
    Purpose: Design and manage meal plans that fit your nutritional needs. This time saver app creates grocery lists for you, featuring descriptions and images of all ingredients.
    What We Love: We’re big fans of this app—it’s a huge time saver and a great way to customize your weekly food management strategy. Select your least favorite ingredients (e.g., tofu, mushrooms, beets), choose a meal plan, and let the app do the rest! It even generates your grocery list for the week, complete with optional substitutes for those with specific allergies. Great for any lifestyle.People unintentionally waste so much food each year; this app can help solve that issue. Buy only what you need each week and you’ll avoid the pain that comes along with throwing away expired food.
  5. Fitbit
    By: Fitbit, Inc.
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: Free
    Purpose: You don’t need to own a Fitbit to use some basic features of this app, but syncing the app with a Fitbit product will boost your tracking options and most likely lead to more accurate measurements. Track steps to see how many miles you travel daily, weekly, and monthly, and watch your calorie intake. Users can set fitness goals, as well.
    What We Love: The free features, like step tracking and monitoring your calorie intake, are great motivators. It always helps to visualize your progress, and Fitbit even allows you to see friends’ progress.It’s a great way to monitor your fitness progress, especially when you can pair it with your beloved Fitbit product.
  6. Map My Run / Map My Run+
    By: Under Armour
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: Free / $2.99 (In-App Purchases Available)
    Purpose: This high-tech app does more than just help you count calories. It also keeps statistics of your pace, GPS route, distance, and more. You can choose to record workouts from over 600 activities, from yoga to cycling.
    What We Love: This app lets you connect with friends and share your progress. It also connects with over 400 devices, including Apple Watch.Map My Run+ even offers a Gear Tracker feature, allowing you to enter your athletic shoe of choice. With its ability to track your distance and workout types, it can recognize the wear and tear on your shoes and notify you when you should get a new pair.
  7. HOH Dashboard
    By: Medifast, Inc.
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: Free
    Purpose: The Habits of Health Dashboard tracks everything from your meal and water intake to sleep patterns to your state of mind (well-being and mindfulness).
    What We Love: This fantastic fitness app tracks so many stats for you to keep track of various aspects of your health. It’s great for monitoring fitness and nutrition, a perfect mix to managing your weight and overall health. We love that it’s also compatible with Fitbit devices.You can even share your progress in real time with Coach Chad, rather than waiting to update him during your next visit.
  8. CauseAndEffectsFitness
    By: Healcode LLC
    Platform: iOS,
    Price: Free (In-App Purchases Available)
    Purpose: Manage your schedule and payment history with Cause and Effects Fitness. Sign up for your next appointment or use our app to cancel or reschedule your session.
    What We Love: Sure, maybe this is a shameless plug. But it’s the most convenient way for you to manage your account with us on the go.
  9. Spotify Music
    By: Spotify Ltd.
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: Free / Purchase Premium
    Purpose: Get tunes anywhere, anytime without downloading individual songs and wasting space on your mobile device. The free edition requires internet access, but with Spotify Premium, you can listen to songs of your choice in the order you want while strolling on the beach, hiking in the mountains, and everywhere in between.
    What We Love: The average mobile device has become the modern day boom box. You can carry tuneage with you everywhere, creating the soundtrack to your life.This app actually matches music to your workout speed! Explore “Genres & Moods,” select “Running,” and you’ll find a category full of playlists customized to fit your tempo needs. Whether you’re going for a morning jog or racing on the treadmill, select a playlist and the music will match your tempo!Spotify also has playlists filled with great motivational music for your customized workout plan, whether at home or in our Un-Gym.
  10. 500 Bodyweight Challenge
    By: Greg Brookes
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: Free
    Purpose: Exercises by personal trainer Greg Brookes utilize your natural bodyweight to work your whole body, and they require no equipment.
    What We Love: The exercises can be viewed via videos in the app, so you can work out on your own time—anywhere.Greg explains the exercises in such a way that they work for people with different fitness levels, so no one feels the exercises are too hard or too easy.The app has a timer, so you can challenge yourself each session to get a better time than the last. This feature helps you stay motivated and on track to reach your fitness goals sooner.

Before your next session with us, check out these and related apps to help you improve your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you’re interested but unsure of which ones are the best fit for your fitness management, we’ll gladly recommend apps we think can help you on your way to a new life.

Make an appointment with Cause and Effects Fitness today. We look forward to helping you with all your fitness and nutritional needs!

Top 10 Healthy Living Apps for Your Smartphone

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