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Marc Robin, Artistic Producer

Amy Troyer, College Professor

Lane Kintigh, Sales Professional

Ashley Battista-Fesh, Health Ins.

Rhauni Gregory, Teacher

Kathy Blouch, Post Office

Lancaster PA Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching Client Amy Troyer Before and After

A Year Ago I Was Frustrated and Terrified...

"I walked into Cause and Effects Fitness a year ago frustrated and terrified. Frustrated that my body did not reflect the image of the strong, confident person I knew I was and terrified that I would fail to ever become that person. Coaches Chad, Chelsea and James have been beside me every step of the way supporting, encouraging, and pushing me to change habits, improve my fitness, and live a healthier life. I have lost a significant amount of weight in the past year, but I have gained so much more: healthy eating habits, will power, muscle, confidence walking into a gym, self respect and a new love for clothes shopping!

I highly recommend Cause and Effects Fitness if you want to make a long term change in your health and fitness. It's all about your effort, but with their support you can reach goals you never thought possible!"

Amy Troyer, Professor at PA College Of Health Sciences

Lancaster PA Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching Client Amy Troyer Before and After

The Results Speak For Themselves...

"The results speak for themselves... In my first 6 weeks I have dropped 13.8 pounds, 2.5% body fat, and lost almost 3 inches from my waist, all the while building muscle!

I have tried many methods to get fit in the past without very much success. I knew what I had to do but never seemed able to commit. I had just about given up when I decided to give Coach Chad a call and hear what he had to say.

I started working out with Coach James in early February. He has consistently provided support, pushed me, encouraged me, and celebrated a series of small wins (which eventually grew into more tangible results). I am at the point where I look forward to my personal coaching sessions.

I have learned how to work out more efficiently and have been reminded how to eat better nutritionally. Most importantly, I feel accountable now, both to the program and to myself. That has made all the difference. To repeat my opening, the results speak for themselves.

I highly recommend Cause and Effects Fitness, if you have it in you they will find it and you will see & feel the difference."

Jonny Viscusi

I Have Lost a Full 150 Pounds, and What's More Important Is I Have Done It The Right Way

"I have been working with Cause & Effects Fitness for 10 months now, including their nutrition advice, counseling and active personal training and workouts.

As of yesterday morning, I have lost a full one hundred fifty pounds, and what's more important is I have done it the right way with good nutrition and good physical fitness work.

These folks are wonderful people, and they have become more than just my partners in great health, they've become my friends and mentors.

I owe them a huge debt of gratitude and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

The results don't lie. When I first met Chad & Chelsea, I was trying to lose weight and I was struggling. I weighed 334 pounds. Now with their advice and partnership, I weigh 201 pounds and they have helped me to build muscle tone, endurance, and feel great. And we are still working!

And they've given me great strategies for the future so that I can keep going strong.

My entire life is so very much improved and I owe much of this to them.

My very, very highest recommendation."

Lane Kintigh, Sales Representative

They Care About You and You Achieving Your Results.

"Educated, understanding, and honest with a touch of family feel. They care about you and you achieving your results. They take in consideration of any particular concerns you have and make you feel like family while doing so."

Wendy Smith, Property Manager

Not Only Have I Lost Several Inches From All Over My Body, I Feel The Best I Have Felt In Years

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the coaches at Cause and Effects fitness. The results I have seen in just one month have been amazing! Not only have I lost several inches from all over my body, I feel the best I have felt in years. My posture has improved and I feel more confident. Recent blood tests have shown that my cholesterol and triglycerides, which have been elevated for years, are now well within the normal range. The coaches are incredibly supportive and positive! I am so glad I have made this investment in my health. I look forward to continuing on the path to better health and fitness the natural way. Connect with Cause and Effects Fitness! You are worth it!"

Laura Hample, Teacher

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