Meet The Team

Coach Chad

COPE Certified Health Coach

ACE Behavior Change Specialist

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Coach Chad has dedicated over 20 years to studying weight loss, health and fitness, and strength training and has been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2011. The testimony about his own physical transformation is the foundation of Cause and Effects Fitness.

“Growing up, I always felt self-conscious about my body. Once I started working out and eating healthy, I gained a sense of control over my life and began to feel comfortable in my own skin. I want to share that priceless feeling with the world—I want people to feel good about themselves. That’s what Cause and Effects Fitness is all about.”

Coach Doug Personal TrainerCoach Doug

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Transformation Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Coach Doug first got into fitness through learning martial arts because he was picked on and bullied in middle school.  He found that being fit and knowing martial arts greatly boosted his confidence and motivated him to overcome whatever challenges he faced.  During high school, a friend took him to the weight gym at school, where he fell in love with the way working out made him feel and the strength he developed from it.

After high school, Doug honorably served in the U.S. Army. 

After the army, he worked different jobs, but wanted to really make an impact and help people.

He became a personal trainer to help people transform their lives and achieve their health and fitness goals.

“The most rewarding thing to me is to watch someone transition from struggling at a low point to a happy, confident person. As cliche as it might sound, it’s like watching a rising phoenix.  Helping people achieve their goals and grow in health, fitness, energy, and confidence–I feel honored to be a part of that process in our client’s lives.



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