How To Keep A Positive Mindset and Stay Productive During The Stay-At-Home Order

Are you struggling to stay positive amidst all of the fear and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, it’s impact on your friends and family, and it’s impact on the economy?


I know I was at the start of this crisis.


I’ll admit that when all of this started and Govenor Wolf issued the stay-at-home order, I was scared.  Besides being scared for the health and safety of myself and my family, I faced the uncertainty of how I was going to support my family and pay my bills if I couldn’t train my clients in our studio.  Luckily, I was able to transition to training our clients virtually through Zoom and keep things going.


A lot of my friends and some of my family members are struggling right now.  Many people I know have lost their jobs, have been temporarily laid off, or had their hours reduced.  It hurts me to see that.


My family and my friends are important to me, and it really sucks and it’s frustrating that I can’t see them and spend time with them.


With all of this going on and several other things, I felt sad and depressed.


But, I realized that to be who I need to be for myself, my family, and my community, I had to fight through those feelings of hopelessness.


I realized that the reason I was feeling that sense of hopelessness, was because I was focusing too much on things I can’t control.


I started to focus on the things that I do have control over, and that put me back in a position of power.


One of my favorite quotes by Craig Wilson is


Control what you can,

 Cope with what you cannot,

 And concentrate on what matters.” 


I call it the 3 C’s.


So I hunkered down to put together resources to help my clients and community deal with this crisis.


One of those, I want to share with you today:  Our At-Home Survival Kit.


The AT-Home Survival Kit is a playbook that shows you step-by step how to

  • organize your time to stay productive and sane,
  • reduce anxiety with stress-busting exercises,
  • make quick and easy  delicious meals,
  • get in at home workouts you can do in your living room, and
  • spend quality time with your family with some fun and free games.


How To Keep A Positive Mindset and Stay Productive During The Stay-At-Home Order

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