Client Success Story–Achievement Unlocked for Miriam!

Big Congratulations to Miriam For Achieving One of Her Goals

One of Miriam’s goals was to be able to do a pushup by her 67th birthday.  She struggled through the self-doubt that she would ever be able to do one, but persisted through her workouts with Coach Chad’s encouragement and guidance.  ​
Miriam was away for her 67th birthday on vacation in Denver, CO last week. But upon returning for her first workout since she got back, she got down and did not one, but 3 full pushups from her toes!

Miriam is proof that anything you put your mind to, you can achieve.

Miriam, you not only met your goal–you exceeded it.  The team at Cause and Effects Fitness is very proud of you and happy to celebrate your achievement.  We are happy to be part of your journey to a fitter, healthier you!  Keep on rockin’ it, Miriam!

Client Success Story–Achievement Unlocked for Miriam!

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