Become the Next Mud Run Champ

Mud race runner’s muddy feet
Own the mud run course this year by tackling your obstacles ahead of time.
Workout Tips
Persistence is key when improving endurance, strength, and agility. Build yourself up to take the mud run down.

Reserve at Least Half an Hour Twice a Week for Training
Working out regularly yields better results. If you’re participating with a partner, have him or her keep you in check—work out together to keep it fun and challenging.

Consider the Distance
Give yourself enough time to start training well before the mud run. For example, if you plan to participate in a 5K run, it would be wise to begin training approximately six to eight weeks before the race.

Test Your Running Gear (and the Course) in Advance
If you have the opportunity to practice on the course itself, take it. Going for a jog down the street won’t expose you to the mucky resistance of a seemingly endless mud trail. (BONUS TIP: Wear lightweight clothing without pockets—don’t let the mud drag you [or your pants] down!)

Work Your Whole Body
In a mud run, you’re working tons of muscles in your body. It only makes sense to do the same in your regular workouts. A full body workout is essential to enhance your strength and endurance for this challenge. For example, you can incorporate exercises that build lateral strength and increase core conditioning.

Find a Personal Trainer
Personal trainers are your best resource for a successful run. They can help you develop a workout specifically for event training. Whether it’s your first or fifteenth mud run, you want to make sure you’re working the right areas of your body to help boost yourself physically and emotionally. Working out is a great way to boost self-confidence, even in other areas of your life.

During the Mud Run
Keep these tips in mind when you’re battling the treacherous obstacles of the mud run.

Staying hydrated will help keep you on your toes, and that’s right where you want to be! Some pros advise drinking 16 ounces at least two hours before the mud run. Also, be sure to take advantage of the water stops that sponsors have set up throughout the distance of the course.

Wear Old Shoes
By the time the race is through, you’ll have no desire to clean your sneakers. Make life easier—use old shoes that you can toss when the mud run is over. (BONUS TIP: Keep your shoes on longer—for once, don’t lift with your heels!)

Don’t Use Duct Tape
Some people duct tape their shoes on, thinking it will keep their shoes from slipping off. If you tie your old shoes tight enough (without cutting off your circulation), you just might survive. Duct tape will drag you down as it comes undone and it will litter the course.

Don’t Start with a Sprint
Conserve your energy for the obstacles. Don’t worry about being the first to each obstacle; concern yourself with conquering those obstacles instead.

Know Your Limits
Remember to listen to your body. If you find yourself standing before an obstacle that you know will be too tough for your body to handle, it’s okay to walk around it and proceed to the next. But if you feel like you’ll later regret not even attempting it, try pushing through the challenge. Be confident in yourself.

If you plan to participate in a mud run or another fitness challenge this year, contact Cause and Effects Fitness and let us help you design and implement a custom workout to meet your needs so you can cross that finish line with confidence.

Become the Next Mud Run Champ

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