3 Ways Adding Nutrition to Your Exercise Plan Can Improve Your Results

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Just like your car needs to be driven regularly and given the proper fuels, so does your body. If your car sits too long, the parts will rust, the battery will die, and the fuel lines will clog up. The equivalent happens to your body when you spend too much time being inactive.  Likewise, if you don’t give your car high-quality fuel, it won’t run at its best and will ultimately break down. The same will happen to your body if you are not putting the highest quality fuels in it.

Unfortunately, many people take better care of their car than they do of their own body. Your body is the vehicle that carries you through life. A car you can replace; your body you cannot. So it’s very important that you take care of it and maintain it properly.

We need proper maintenance to perform at our best and thrive in life, which means maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, and an exercise plan.

The effects of pairing nutrition and exercise can be life changing in many ways.

1. Enhance Exercise Performance
Exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, choosing the wrong foods before or after a workout can hurt your results. By eating junk food prior or even skipping breakfast, you may feel sluggish. This could result in poor performance during your workout. If you eat the wrong foods after a workout, it could hinder your recovery time and weight loss. If you overeat, you could put back on the calories you just burned off during your workout. However, when you choose to eat protein after your workout, it can help repair and promote muscle growth.

Want to know just want to munch on? Check out more about what and when to eat before and after your workout here.

2. Improve Weight Loss
To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you ingest, so just eating healthy isn’t enough. However, the nutrients and vitamins you get from a well-balanced diet help stabilize energy and metabolism levels. Balancing your nutrition with exercise can help burn more calories than you eat.

3. Improve Overall Health
Nutrition and exercise work together to promote weight loss and build muscle. When you choose to pair diet and exercise, you can reduce your risk of cardiovascular issues, obesity, and cancer. Not to mention you’ll start looking and feeling great, which boosts your self-confidence.

When it comes to staying healthy, it’s all about balance. It’s essential to establish a plan for your exercise and your nutrition. The two go hand in hand. It’s much more difficult to lose weight and maintain that loss without exercise. However, getting the most out of your workout is more difficult without the proper nutrition plan.

Tying nutrition in with your exercise plan is easy, especially when you make it a habit. Choose to start your morning with protein and whole grains (stay away from the sugary cereals). For your meals and snacks, go with complex carbs over simple carbs—they digest slower and keep your energy levels stabilized.

When you’re ready to adapt a personalized fitness and nutrition plan, meet with the experts at Cause and Effects Fitness. We understand that everyone is unique, which is why we’re dedicated to helping you find the right action plan to succeed in your personal fitness goals.

3 Ways Adding Nutrition to Your Exercise Plan Can Improve Your Results

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