2018 Top Ten Healthy Places To Eat In Lancaster

2018 Top Ten Healthy Places To Eat In Lancaster

Our 2018 Top Ten Healthy Places To Eat In Lancaster


You’re committed to eating healthier in 2018, but your fast-paced life has you second guessing
this new goal.

But you don’t need to fear eating out while on the go.

This list of our favorite places to eat in Lancaster can help you make healthy decisions on the



10. Yuzu

Type: Quick To-Go, Eat-In Dining

Price: $$

What We Love: Yuzu uses the freshest ingredients to create authentic Asian cuisine right here
in the City of Lancaster. The camaraderie among employees and the hospitality they show their
guests is so warm and welcoming, you’ll never want to leave.


9. Mean Cup

Type: Quick To-Go, Grab & Go, Eat-In Dining
Price: $$

What We Love: The coffee—obviously. From the Dirty Girl to the London Fog, there’s a
beverage for every personality. Mean Cup also offers a selection of nutritious grab-and-go
options, including salads and seasonal sandwiches.


8. Pita Pit

Type: Quick To-Go, Eat-In Dining, Delivery
Price: $

What We Love: Think outside the box. Pita Pit lets you custom-build your pita to fit your
nutritional needs. From fresh greens to protein-packed beans, you have the ability to make the
impossible possible with combinations you can’t find anywhere else. Order online, over the
phone, or in person—whichever is most convenient for you! (And it’s right near Mean Cup, so
grab your coffee and head over here for a breakfast pita that’s out of this world!)


7. The Dragonfly Cafe

Type: Quick To-Go, Eat-In Dining, Catering
Price: $$

What We Love: This restaurant offers tasty gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan dishes, so there’s
something for everyone at this quaint little spot in Lititz. From healthy breakfast sandwiches and crepes to delectable dinner dishes, we know you’ll want to add this place as your next
dining destination.


6. ???

Where’s the rest?!
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2018 Top Ten Healthy Places To Eat In Lancaster

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